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 Honor of the Defiant

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PostSubject: Honor of the Defiant   Fri May 06, 2011 2:57 pm

Rolling out of her stone bed, Dyxi takes a deep breath of air, the hot air of the droughtlands quickly dehydrating her. Gathering her armor and weapons she began hiking again.

The centaurs have been destroying supply caravans heading to lantern hook, having taken it upon her self to help get the supply routs clear, Dyxi found her sled wandering through the dessert rather lost.

Over the next ridge a group of defiant were toying with an injured soldier.  Dyxi readied herself and sprung to action, stunning the group of defiant she healed the guard and sent him running with a shield spell. Once the defiant awoke they turned on her Breaking her leg forcing her to her knee.

"you will pay dearly for ruining our fun,"
Turning to his friend he grunted,
"grimlok, make this priestess whore scream!"
Surrounding Dyxi, they began chanting and cheering for grimlock.

With a whisper of prayer to the vigil, Dyxi numbed the pain i'n her leg and i'n one swift motion stunned the unsuspecting gridlock, then broke several of his teeth out with the edge of her shield. Continuing her whispered prayers Dyxi could feel the power of the vigil growing inside of her.  she blocked a wild blow of rage, then unleashed her rage i'n a massive blow to grimlocks chest splitting his plate i'n half. Dyxi reveled i'n the look of surprise on his face as she administered the final blow, splashing his face across the sand with the full weight of her mace! 

Impressed with her ability to fight the defiant leader chose to let me go free on his code of honor. Dyxi need not think twice and began to run twords the wounded guard.

"guardian!" called out the leader as Dyxi was walking away
'code of honor, no defiant has this, i should have known' Dyxi thought to her self as sue wheeled on the spot to face a blackened sky of arrows crashing down on her. 

The coldness of death was an odd feeling to get used to, but it's part of the life she chose as a guardian of the vigil! 
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Honor of the Defiant
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