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 Hello from DOA...

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PostSubject: Hello from DOA...   Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:08 pm

Hello PI! Was awesome grouping with you guys last Friday night doing some oRVR finally in this game! I remember seeing you guys in WAR (except I was with War Templars PT / Blessed Empire Badlands at that time Order side)... I heard there were some old DOACr's too. Was with Knight Templars Alb Guin server for about five years there. Glad were on same side now and same server!

We got sick of all these smaller elite gank guilds dying so a core of us created a new guild (since were all real life friends from Minnesota that hang anyway). It's called DOA, you guys met Ruckus and that's how last Friday started. You can find our home at ... Any of you are welcome to stop by and say "hi". One of us will set up an alliance chat too for us when I get some time. A core of us meet every Friday and do some gaming (most the time lately it's a RIFT lan BBQ/Pizza/Chinese food party). We should plan on some future raids and such.

Anyway, thought I would drop a "hello", introduce myself and very nice meeting you guys and looking forward to the next raid!!! You guys certainly kicked some arse out there and had fun doing it!!!



FYI: my main toon in RIFT is Willow; 37 bard today (was in the Key's for a couple weeks playing so I'm a little behind), look me up if any of you want to do some hunting anytime.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from DOA...   Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:59 pm


Yes it was certainly a lot of fun on Friday. We will need to get some more PI folk involved for the next event. Im glad you recognize us from Warhammer, because that is were we struggled to establish a guild and it has certainly paid off.

I am from Hastings MN along with my co-founding brother Rizza. Where abouts are you all located? Small world...
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Hello from DOA...
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